50 Bible Stories Vol-2 (English)

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I am extremely delighted to go through the 50 Bible stories Volume-II compiled by Dr. Annie Abraham and her team. Story telling is a simple and effective tool for communicating God’s message to all people, both literate and illiterate. Jesus used stories to impart Biblical truths to the people who followed him. Approximately one-third of the teachings of Jesus in the new testament was in the form of stories and parables. The purpose of using these stories by Jesus was to make the kingdom teachings simple enough to make the people understand the message. There are hundreds of stories in the Bible which are part of the one big story, ***“The story of God’s redemptive plan for mankind.***” Whenever we read a story, we need to discuss and think how this story is connected to the big picture of the Bible.

We hope and pray that this book will be used widely in teaching God’s word to thousands of people, and we will have the joy of seeing many coming into the kingdom of God in the days to come!

Rev. Sam C Samuel,

Chairman, Operation Agape


The greatest storyteller ever lived on this earth was Jesus Christ. He taught great lessons about the kingdom of God through stories. A large crowd always surrounded him, and they loved to hear him. Finally, his story became the greatest story of all times, transforming millions of lives globally. ‘Bible Stories’ are not fiction/ imaginations. They are real time events. When we listen to these events as stories, they are easily understood and is retained in our minds. We can teach great values through stories. A great example is David’s conviction of his sin by a story told by prophet Nathan. People of all ages like to hear stories. Not only the oral learners, but the literates also love to hear stories. This book is the fruit of teamwork. Paul says “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God gave the increase” (1 Corinthians 3:6) Someone got the idea, someone gave technical assistance, some funded, some prayed and finally thousands will be using it.

We hope and pray that Bible Stories, Volume-2 will be a powerful tool in the hands of all, especially the grass root level leaders for the blessing of many.

In His Royal Service

Dr. Annie Abraham

How to use this book

This book is written primarily for the grass-root level leaders, who conduct regular story telling session. Please read the entire story as it is written in the Bible for a better understanding. Practices telling the story by narrating to someone before you tell it in a group. SWORD method is a good model to analyze every story

· What does the story tell about God?

· What does it tell about mankind?

· Is there a Sin to avoid?

· Is there a Command to obey?

Finally practice the ‘life application in your own personal life.’

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